Chapman Shou Sugi Ban Rectangle Cocktail Table

  • $1,519.00

Combining pine veneers, intricately hammered pewter, and a Charred Black finish achieved through a Japanese technique that mimics burnt wood, the Chapman Cocktail Table is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. With a blend of modernity and warmth, this ancient-inspired table is a standout addition to any space.

54.25 X 28.25 X 20.50 in


  • Rectangle shape
  • Metal frame
  • Levelers

The Charred Black finish is achieved through Shou Sugi Ban, a Japanese technique that creates a look resembling burnt wood. Unique hand-hammered metal accents in a forged pewter finish add to the contemporary style. Distressing includes sandblasting, wirebrushing, wormholes, and rock distressing.

Pine Veneers and Metal