American Cowboys

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In American Cowboys, award-winning photographer Anouk Masson Krantz travels tens of thousands of miles from New York City across the United States to dive deeper into the world of cowboy culture. Her photography revels the real lives and communities of this largely overlooked and elusive part of the world. The hardcover coffee table book features exceptional fine art photography of the American cowboy/cowgirl and rodeo communities, the horse and cattle ranches, and the remarkable landscape of America's Wild West. 

Set in a stunning large-format book, the pages within inspire with a fresh and contemporary perspective of the cowboy culture, the families, men, women, children as well as rodeo and ranching communities in the heartland of the great American West and beyond. 

*Due to differences in screen resolutions, the fabrics and finishes displayed may vary from the actual fabric and finish colors.

Dimensions & Details
11" x 14", 280 pages, B&W Photos, Hardcover