Rare Whisky: Explore the World's Most Exquisite Spirits

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 A beautifully packaged look at the world's finest whiskies, with detailed photography of each bottle.

Rare Whisky is a stylish exploration of the world's finest and rarest whiskies, exquisitely packaged in a hardback book with slipcase. This book looks at the most exceptional whiskies across the world, focusing on the key producers such as Scotland, Ireland, the USA and Japan, as well as interesting rarities from the likes of India and Taiwan. 

With beautiful photography of extremely rare bottles, from a breathtaking 1920s vintage sold at auction to the best offering from recent years, Rare Whisky is essential reading for all whisky lovers. 

Dimensions & Details:

6 in. x 9 in. | 260 pages | Full-Color Photographs